Conference Topics

Some topic areas of particular interest for 2007 are listed below. If we receive enough proposals in these areas, we will consider organising topic tracks around them at the conference.

Novel system structures

Are you tired of n-tier client server? Have you experience of the alternatives? Have you created P2P or grid systems? Used portable code or agent technology? Perhaps you've used or created something none of us have heard of? Why not run a session to teach others or share experiences of the new sorts of system that you've worked on?

What really works

As an industry, we're not short of optimism about new technologies and approaches, but we do seem to be very short of shared experience as to which really work and why. Have you applied a technology, a development process or an approach to software development that worked or didn't work? If so, why not run a session that shares the experience so that others can benefit from it?

Evolving systems

Successful systems never stand still, but are always expected to change, often in unexpected ways. How do you deal with change in your systems? Are there approaches or technologies that help with this? If you've worked with systems that needed to change significantly over time, why not run a session that explains how you did it or explores how you might do it differently next time?