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Tim has been programming with objects for 20 years, however it was when he heard Kent Beck describe Extreme Programming at OOPSLA 98 and again at OT99 that he found a process that balances quality, delivery and happiness. Tim was a member of the team that created UML Modeler for VisualAge Smalltalk, he then built up the XP team at Connextra and was responsible for inventing techniques such as Mock Objects and Heartbeat retrospectives and Gold Cards. He then worked at ThoughtWorks where he mentored teams using XP and Retrospectives, as well as promoting the use of Burnup graphs and Futurespectives. Tim now is the founder of Iterex Ltd, a company specialising in Iterative Excellence. Look out for their forthcoming Iterex Managment software.


Work: Iterex Ltd.

Email: spa.web.iterex at