Software Practice Advancement Conference

SPA Conference session: The Practice of Play

One-line description:Re-igniting Your Passion to Dream, Believe and Achieve
Session format: Workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:The latest human development research repeatedly confirms play as one of the most effective and efficient ways for children to learn and grow.

And yet even though play remains key to adult development, for many of us, the opportunities to play are often limited because of the drudgery of work and preoccupation with daily existence.

Join us to rediscover what lights your fire and what makes you tick so that you become energised to do more of what you love every day.

- Learn about the science and benefits of play
- Analyse your personal play history
- Identify your learning preferences
- Create your personal 7-day play plan
Audience background:A willingness to explore your past and present in order to create a more playful future
Particularly useful for people who are blocked on a project and/or want to develop their creativity
Benefits of participating:- An working knowledge of play
- Increased understanding of your relationship with play through play
- A personal 7-day play plan
Materials provided:Presentation, stationery for exercises, sweets
Process:Alternating theory snippets and practical exercises (individual and in small groups) in 3 parts:
1) Travel back in time to recover your play history to rediscover what your passions are
2) Stretch your mind and body by experimenting with the 8 intelligences to identify your learning preferences
3) Create a 7-day play plan to get your Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of Play and guide you towards doing more of the things you love
Detailed timetable:00.00 - 00.10: Introductions
00.10 - 00.30: Play History: Theory and Practice
00.30 - 00.55: The 8 Intelligences: A series of short exercises
00.55 - 00.70: Play Plan: Create-Your-Own play plan
00.70 - 00.75: Summary and Recommended Resources
Outputs:Session slide deck will be released under Creative Commons Share-Alike-By-Attribution licence.
History:This is brand new session. It is the sequel to my interactive talk on "The Power of Play", presented at a number of conferences in Europe.
1. Portia Tung
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