Software Practice Advancement Conference

SPA Conference session: The Power of Hope

One-line description:Getting You From Here to There
Session format: Workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:What's the differentiating factor between high achievers and those who repeatedly fail to reach their goals? What is that keeps us pursuing our dreams when others would have long given up?

As mankind has evolved, we've become more conscious and informed of who we are and how our minds work. This has led to profound insights on the concept of Hope. Instead of being a mere emotion, the latest research shows us Hope is a process and a thinking tool that can help us harness our willpower and come up with ways to make our dreams come true.

Join us in this fun and interactive talk to better understand your relationship with Hope and figure out how to achieve even your most ambitious of goals, at work and outside of work.

- Learn the process of Hope
- Rate yourself on the Hope Scale
- Gain insights on your relationship with Hope and Fear
- Apply the process of Hope to one or more wishes/projects of your choice
- Leave the session with a plan for achieving one or more wishes/projects of your choice
Audience background:All that's required is an open mind and willingness to try out new ideas
Benefits of participating:- A working knowledge of Hope as a process
- Increased self-awareness on your relationship with Hope and Fear
- A plan of action for achieving one or more wishes/projects of your choice
Materials provided:Presentation, stationery for exercises, sweets
Process:Alternating theory snippets and practical exercises (individual and in small groups)
Detailed timetable:00.00 - 00.10 Introduction & Ice breaker
00.10 - 00.20 Exercise 1: Rate yourself on the Hope Scale
00.20 - 00.30 Hope: Theory
00.30 - 00.35 Exercise 2: Collect Personal Hope Histories
00.35 - 00.45 Exercise 2: Exchange Hope Histories (in triads)
00.45 - 00.50 Exercise 3: Brainstorm Personal Wishes
00.50 - 00.60 Exercise 3: Choose one or more wishes and apply Hope process
00.60 - 00.70 Exercise 3: Share wishes and process output (in triads)
00.70 - 00.75 Session summary and recommended resources
Outputs:Session slide deck will be released under Creative Commons Share-Alike-By- Attribution licence.
History:This is a brand new session for me in 2015. It will be presented in the format of a 45-minute interactive talk at QCon London in March 2015. My proposal for SPA is to run it as a workshop so it will be substantially different to the talk format. At SPA, I plan to incorporate different exercises to really practice "hopeful thinking" and explore its effectiveness.
1. Portia Tung
2. Portia Tung