SPA Conference session: The Art of Being Wrong

One-line description:In this playful workshop, learn to transform your everyday mistakes into a game of continuous improvement.
Session format: Workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Hate being wrong? You are not alone - it's a dreadful feeling.

One would have to be a little crazy to keep a daily record of the thoughts you firmly believed in yesterday and that turned out wrong today. Wouldn't one? Yet, if you rarely or never *consciously* make mistakes, how do you think you can possibly improve?

This impertinent and playful workshop is an invitation to transform your everyday mistakes into a useful game of continuous improvement. There will be exercises, just enough theory to get by, and maybe some soul-searching.
Audience background:No prior knowledge required.
Benefits of participating:Learn a new super-power: that of making predictions that can actually yield actionable feedback and help you improve as a forecaster in all areas of life.
Materials provided:Exercise handouts, answer keys, tours of relevant Web sites.
Process:The first 10-15 minutes is taken up by a basic exercise, followed by discussion. More exercises will be available to follow up with.
Detailed timetable:No strict timetable.
Outputs:Any useful results the group comes up with will be blogged.
History:Presented at two conferences in France - Scrum Balloon and Agile Open France.
1. Laurent Bossavit
Institut Agile
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