SPA Conference session: Nimble (maybe even Fun) Osgi

One-line description:Java modules driven by tests
Session format: workshop (75') [read about the different session types]
Abstract:The Reuse/Release Equivalence Principle says: The unit of reuse is the unit of release. But Java applications usually take advantage of modularity at build time (i.e. maven) but not at runtime. Recompiling and redeploying everything every time is not the best solution in many cases.
The standard dynamic standard solution for Java is Osgi but it has a bad reputation as a slow, cumbersome and mischievous technology.
We think it doesn't have to be so. We can use Osgi to develop really modular applications from scratch using TDD in a agile way.

The exercise will start from a very simple (less than 100 loc) and continue in 2 iteration with change of requirements to force participants to add new modules and take design choices.
Audience background:- Java and or Groovy developers.
- Experienced in test-driven development
Benefits of participating:Learning how to use Osgi.
Improving your skills in modular design.
Materials provided:Code starting examples.
Quick explanation how to use Osgi.
Process:After a brief explanation of technology, participants will be divided in couples and will try to continue the development of the application skeleton, adding new modules, splitting them etc.
Detailed timetable:First 15 minutes explanation of code. Then 2 mini-sprint with new requirements (depending by time and participants).
Last 10 minutes will try to discuss the resulted design from various teams.

It could be also extended to 3 hours if there's interest but then it would become a Osgi course rather than modularity/design one.
Outputs:Best results will be shared in mail and web page.
History:I did internal courses but never presented as a public session.
1. Uberto Barbini
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