SPA Conference session: Goal Modelling and Impact Mapping: Academia vs Industry

One-line description:Exploring new trends in requirements engineering and agile value delivery
Session format: 150m workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Goal modelling and impact mapping are related requirements engineering techniques that use measurable business goals as drivers for deciding what to build, preventing scope creep, and avoiding wasteful implementation. Such techniques enjoy a growing popularity in both industry and academia, but they differ in their origins and directions. Impact mapping, originating from industrial practice, is a lightweight highly visual technique used primarily for facilitating strategic project decisions. Goal modelling, originating from academic research, is a more extensive modelling technique used primarily for structuring and analysing requirements for complex systems.

Join this session for an introduction to to these two techniques and an exploration of the differences and synergies between them. One of the purposes of the workshop will be to facilitate the exchange of ideas and needs between industry and academia on these topics. The session will be led by Gojko Adzic, author of the Impact Mapping book, and Emmanuel Letier, a leading researcher in goal modelling.
Audience background:This is a session for relatively experienced practitioners and researchers; no previous knowledge with goal-oriented approaches is needed, but to participate in the session you will need to be aware of the complexity of multi-stakeholder software delivery.
Benefits of participating:* Learn about new trends in requirements engineering in industry and research
* Learn the basics of goal modelling and impact mapping; decide whether you want to learn more; know where to look for more
* Participate in shaping future ideas on requirements engineering and agile value delivery
Materials provided:We will provide worksheets and templates supporting hands-on activities introducing the techniques. All materials will also be made available on a webpage with a guide to additional references.
Process:1. Introduction: Why goal-oriented requirements engineering? (15')

Gojko and Emmanuel will introduce the workshop and the common motivation for goal-oriented requirements engineering approaches.

2. Impact Mapping in 45 minutes (15' presentation + 30' group work)

Gojko will introduce impact mapping and facilitate a hands-on group exercise illustrating the technique.

3. Goal Modelling in 45 minutes (15' presentation + 30' group work)

Emmanuel will introduce goal modelling in KAOS (one of the popular goal-oriented requirements modelling frameworks) and facilate a group exercise involving the construction and analysis of goal models generated from the impact maps generated during the first exercise.

4. Discussion (45')

Gojko and Emmanuel will facilitate a group discussion reflecting on the workshop exercises and participant's experience. The group will summarize its findings in a poster presenting the DOs, DON'Ts, and 'Most Wanted Research' of goal-oriented requirements engineering.
Detailed timetable:As above.
Outputs:* a webpage with workshop material including the presentation and exercise materials, references for more information, the models generated during the workshop exercises, and a summary of the workshop findings
* a poster at the conference presenting the group's lessons and reflections on goal-oriented approaches
History:not done before
1. Gojko Adzic
Neuri Consulting LLP
2. Emmanuel Letier
University College London