SPA Conference session: How To Stop Being Amoral and Unethical (And Like Yourself Again)

One-line description:Software development is an amoral, unethical occupation. How do we stop being so ?
Session format: Workshop (150m) or Working Gro [read about the different session types]
Abstract:The objective of this session is to examine how Software Development has become amoral/unethical and then to ask the participants to propose practical things we could do to fix our behaviours.

The format is:
- short presentation setting out why I think SW is amoral/unethical and a brief introduction about what other professions have done about it
- discussion of presentation contents with audience - particularly about personal experience and the circumstances that produce the amoral/unethical behaviour
- structured brainstorming about possible solutions, followed by division into groups (or individuals) to examine/dsicuss/research these
- groups brought back together with lightning talks or open-space to cross-contaminate ideas
- whole audience discussion with short-listing of practical things we can do
Audience background:Mixed levels of everything. In fact, the wider the ranges, the better.
Benefits of participating:A chance to think about the moral/ethical responsibilities of our occupation

A chance to think about our personal behaviours in light of our responsibilities to society
Materials provided:Presentation
Process:Presentation followed by group work (possibly including internet research)
Detailed timetable:Depends on format but roughly 15-20m presentation and rest of time managed roughly 50% group work, 25% draw back, 25% concluding discussion and short-listing of ideas
Outputs:Poster at conference and blog posting afterwards
History:Never done this one. Done lots of others at SPA and elsewhere.
1. John S. Nolan
2. 3.