Dinner and the evening activities will take place in the meeting rooms of the Strand Palace hotel, next door to the main conference venue. Details of the evening activities can be found below.

Sunday 1 July


No formal diversions but there will be a "dining club" scheme for those who would like to form groups for dinner

Monday 2 July


Hot buffet dinner


- 21:00

EigenJam : The Eigenharp Diversion
The Eigenharp is an electronic musical instrument which rivals traditional instruments in its power and expressiveness. See http://www.eigenlabs.com.
In this diversion not only will you get to hear the Eigenharp being played, but you will be able to participate in discussion between a fully experienced professional musician (David Harvey) and a completely untrained dabbler (John Nolan) about music and the Eigenharp. Neither David nor John are associated with EigenLabs - this is all about the experience and use, not a sales session.
Further, there will be an opportunity for you to try out the Eigenharp yourself.


Lego Robots
Following a brief introduction (by Andrew Seward) to the hows and the whys of Lego Robotics, teams made up of Lego builders and programmers will compete to combine the higher art forms of programming and Lego and build the smartest Lego robot they can. - Think Scrapheap Challenge without the tetanus jabs.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Roboter- Ansicht links

Tuesday 3 July


Hot buffet dinner and subsidised bar

Members of the eXtreme Tuesday Club will be joining us for the evening activities.


- 21:00

The Kata in the Hat
Programming is insanely hard. It’s discipline. It’s learning your katas from inside out. It’s overcoming fear that you might write something buggy in a piece of software that will cost its owner millions of dollars. It is also fun, however. And while we do talk about it, we seldom do code for fun, just as a celebration of how much we love our coder’s life. This session by Emmanuel Gaillot and Jonathan Perret is an attempt to change this. We’re going to code for fun. With the secret hope that some of the attendees will like what they’ll see, decide it’s the coolest thing to do, and make it happen everywhere on the planet.

Intro to the Game of Go
Ever seen the game "Go" and wondered how to play? Or played it and wondered how to play better? This workshop, run by Wolf Schlegel, addresses both novices who have never touched a board before and experienced players.


- 22:00

Cider tasting

Something like cider in a glass