SPA Conference session: Leonardo's Workshop - Educating Masters of Software Development

One-line description:
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Primarily an experience report, this session will offer attendees an opportunity to participate in an ongoing adventure - defining a new discipline and the educational structure that supports it.

We begin with a recap of the past five years experience at New Mexico Highlands University and the partnership between a private, for-profit an public entities that has evolved from that experience.

An argument for why a new discipline - separate from traditional computer science, MIS, Informatics, and IT - will be made.

The core of the report will focus on the educational setting and structure. The inspiration for this is the bottega where Leonardo da Vinci apprenticed and grew to acknowledged master and polymath:

--- a studio in Renaissance Florence; a master and advanced apprentices; several arts being worked shoulder to shoulder: sculpture, painting, goldsmithing, even poetry with masters for each; a spectrum of younger apprentices eager to master one of them but eager also to learn another, or two. This the ideal of the bottega:

- a “storefront” where goods and services are produced and • delivered to paying customers
- a workshop simultaneously engaged in the craft, in building • the tools and discovering the techniques that advance and support the craft, and teaching that craft to apprentices
- a place noisy with multiple projects and activities; walls and • benches covered with tools and works in progress and exemplars of the craft
- an intellectual center that was a “must visit” for masters, • scientists, and thinkers visiting the area
- and an atmosphere that is very self-consciously multi-disciplinary, mixing theory and practice almost without differentiation ...
Audience background:A desire to improve the profession of application software development and a suspicion that "craft" or "art" can make as much of a contribution as "science" and "engineering."
Benefits of participating:Learn about an exciting effort with some thought provoking results - become an active participant (for compensation) in a growing global community.
Materials provided:Handouts, presentation copies, access to a Wiki.
Process:Primarily presentation with embedded Q&A
Detailed timetable:
History:OOPSLA 2005, ChiliPLoP 2012, multiple presentations to various interest groups.
1. David West
New Mexico Highlands University
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