SPA Conference session: Speed Reading for Beginners

One-line description:This session introduces techniques to improve your reading and information processing skills.
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:There is too much to read and remember.

This session introduces techniques to improve your reading and information processing skills.

The session focuses on two techniques:
1. How to read a book, a technique where a book is written iteratively and incrementally.
2. Speed reading, by creating awareness of blocks in the reading process

Session objective: Improve reading efficiency.

Note: the session will run take 90 minutes at most, without clashing with the next sessions.
Audience background:If you not believe in silver bullets but you are curious enough to change old habits, then this session is for you.
Benefits of participating:Take away: easy techniques for basic reading improvements. Speed reading basics.
Materials provided:Reading material to support some of the exercises.

Each attendee should bring one or two non-fiction books to read or exchange with other participants during the session.
Process:The session consists of practical exercises, alone, in pairs and in small groups.
Moreover, chunks of background knowledge is provided.


Tables and chairs for all.
Whiteboard or flipchart and pens
Detailed timetable:IMPORTANT: This describes 90 minutes format, if requested I can elaborate the session to 150 minutes. A 75 min. version is not recommended.


Intro 5 min

Timed reading speed test (original speed) 10 min

How to read a book technique summary 10 minutes:

Repeat totals to 50 mins
- Theory of speed reading
- Exercise
- Timed Reading speed test (new speed)

More info 10 min
- Books
- Courses
- Remembering information with mindmaps

Q and A 5 min
History:The session premiered at XP Days Benelux 2011, in a 90 minute time slot.
Session feedback is available at
1. Bernard Vander Beken
2. 3.