SPA Conference session: Next. Generation. Browser. Graphics.

One-line description:What’s possible, what’s achievable and how to do it.
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Technological progress seems to follow a pattern: make it work – make it functional – make it beautiful. But while Web Apps reach new levels of functionality every day, stunning UX often enough remains exclusive to Flash® and the likes.

This is changing. The native capabilities of next generation browsers already far exceed those of plugins.

We’ll introduce the audience to what’s possible, covering the full spectrum of latest browser based graphics technologies (WebGL, Canvas, interactive Video etc.) and provide instantly usable, hands on knowledge about the most cutting edge developments (Effect Filters, 3D CSS).
Audience background:- Very basic knowledge of CSS
- A lack of fear of the unknown
Benefits of participating:- Keeping up with the latest developments in terms of browser graphics
- Gaining hands-on knowledge about some of the more exotic features
- Getting excited about the incredible possibilities of future Web frontends
Materials provided:- Portable version of the required browsers
- Scaffold to start development straight away
- Individual steps of the workshop in separate files
Process:- Brief initial introduction (ca. 20min) featuring a browser based presentation with live examples and tech-demos
- Collaborative experimenting (pairing encouraged)
Detailed timetable: -
Outputs: - Interactive, awesome looking webpage
1. Wolfram Hempel
2. Adam Iley