SPA Conference session: Do you speak vim?

One-line description:When Language Hunting meets Vim mastery
Session format: Tutorial (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Ever wanted to join the retro-hype crowd who love 20th century text editors? The hard-core coders who can program anything in a VT100 terminal? The eternal debate Emacs vs. vi - with an opinion? Ever felt intimidated by cryptic commands and mouseless user interfaces? This session could be for you.

Ever wanted to learn your way through vi, in some accelerated way, and actually remember the commands you learn? This session is definitely for you.

We'll experiment a way to teach & learn vi (and actually, other IT tools) through a process of accelerated learning inspired from Language Hunting practices - "an aggressive, adaptable learning model of collaborative skill-building games that empower all ages to broaden their cultural curiosity, deepen self-directed learning, build mentoring skills, while becoming fluent in global languages." (
Audience background:Anyone interested in improving their vi-fu, or in accelerated learning processes in general.
Benefits of participating:As a participant, you'll have the opportunity to:
- improve your using of vi
- discover principles of accelerated learning
- be part of an ongoing experiment
- have fun
Materials provided:Customized vi profile file.
Process:The session is highly interactive. Participants will walk through dialogue-like scenarios, that build upon each others. Dialogue-like means that one person is asking a question : 'how do you do X?' and another answers. The same scenario is repeated many times, with different persons - up to the point where everyone masters the scenario at a reasonable fluency. Then we move on to a more elaborate scenario, etc.
Detailed timetable:t0 ~ t0 + 5 / Presentations
t0 + 5 ~ t0 + 50 / Accelerated learning of using vi
t0 + 50 ~ t0 + 70 / Discussion (fishbowl format)
t0 + 70 ~ t0 + 75 / Conclusion
1. Emmanuel Gaillot
2. Jonathan Perret