SPA Conference session: A Good Read

One-line description:An invited panel bring something worth reading to a moderated discussion
Session format: Something entirely original [read about the different session types]
Abstract:In this session, based loosely on the BBC Radio show "A Good Read", members of an invited panel will give a short presentation on a code sample or other software artifact that they consider a Good Read.

The panel then discuss the item, what makes it special, how it might be improved etc, before throwing the discussion open to the audience. It's a nice gentle way to finish the conference and set yourself up for returning to work.
Audience background:
Benefits of participating:General interest, learn something new.
Materials provided:
Process:Panel discussion
Detailed timetable:5 minutes introduction
12 minutes per artifact
10 minutes general audience participation
Outputs:List of samples choosen by panellists and the floor
History:Given at SPA 2006 (although oddly missing from the online programme!)
Invited back to miniSPA 2006
Given as a evening session SPA 2007
Used in the hangover slot SPA 2008
Not proposed since then, as it was beginning to look like we had tenure ;-)
1. Duncan McGregor
2. Richard Care
Octave Associates