SPA Conference session: Lessons Learned Migrating a Codebase to Scala

One-line description:Two people learn Scala by migrating a codebase over 9 months while adding features
Session format: Case study (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:OK, so I know that case studies are out of fashion, but you know, I miss them. OT started by people sharing their hard-won experiences, and we have some hard-won experience to share.

For most of the last 2 and half years I've been working on a Java-Wicket-Hibernate project to manage the distribution of digital cinema packages to movie theatres by satellite. In April of
last year Richard came on board to up the work rate, and we decided to transition the codebase to Scala - wriing new features in the language and migrating key components as appropriate.

In this talk we'll describe the approach we took to learning the language, what worked in the migration and what didn't. We'll mine the codebase for interoperability tactics, examine the toolchain, and look at using ScalaTest to develop both Java and Scala code.

After this solid exposure, our opinions of the language differ, so we will be able to offer succour to the language supporters and solace to the sceptics.
Audience background:A background in Java would be helpful.
Benefits of participating:An introduction to the pros and cons of Scala development from experienced developers with no axe to grind or course to sell.
Materials provided:Slides
Process:Sorry, but just a plain old talk, with plenty of time left for questions.
Detailed timetable:
Outputs:The slides, and answers to questions posed.
History:We're writing it just for you ;-)
1. Duncan McGregor
2. Richard Care
Octave Associates