SPA Conference session: The Pair Programming Interview

One-line description:Practice a Pair Programming Interview
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Pair Programming Interviews are an effective way to hire developers. In this workshop you will learn how to conduct a Pair Programming Interview.
Practice the role of the interviewer, candidate and the observer in this session.

Audience background:Most suited to developers who participate in interviews to hire other developers, and developers who expect to be in a pair programming interview and have never been in one before. Knowledge of either Java, C# or Ruby and a laptop with an environment that can run tests in any of these programming languages.
Benefits of participating:Exchange ideas with other participants, on how to improve the interview.

As a candidate
Learn what is expected of you in such interviews, avoid common mistakes.

As an interviewer and observer.
Learn how to use the Pair Programming Interview at your company
Materials provided:An interview guideline/ script for the interviewer.
3 coding problems to be implemented by the candidate.
Process:Participants will be introduced to the pair programming interview method. An introduction to the process, and the three roles (Interviewer, Observer and Candidate) will be given.
There will be 3 interview sessions. The participants will swap roles in each session, and experience each of the three roles.

In each session, the candidate will be given a different coding problem, and be expected to solve this in Java or C#. The Interviewer will pair with the candidate to solve the problem. The Observer takes notes during the session.

After the 3 sessions, there will be a retrospective and feed back session
Detailed timetable:00:00-00:05 Setup, organise into triads
00:05-00:20 Present session, introduce,
00:20-00:50 First PP interview session
00:50-01:00 Break and swap triads
01:00-01:30 Second PP interview session
01:30-01:40 Break and swap triads
01:40-02:10 Third PP interview session
02:10-02:30 Retrospective
Outputs:Provide participants with interview guidelines. Candidates will be given their own interview notes.
Summary of feedback from interviewers and candidates, on what worked for them and what didn't. Ideas to improve on the technique.
History:At the Software Craftmanship 2012 conference
1. Hibri Marzook
2. Paul Shannon