Dinner and the evening activities will take place in the meeting rooms of the Strand Palace hotel, next door to the main conference venue.

Sunday 12 June


No formal diversions but there will be a "dining club" scheme for those who would like to form groups for dinner

Monday 13 June


Hot buffet dinner


- 21:30

"Go" Workshop
Ever seen the game "Go" and wondered how to play? Or played it and wondered how to play better? This workshop, run by Wolf Schlegel, addresses both novices who have never touched a board before and experienced players.

Treasure Hunt
A treasure hunt is a fun way to get to know new people, without having to come up with a lot of small talk. We'll put you into teams and give you a set of clues. You provide beady eyes and a pair of legs ready to wander round the streets near Covent Garden looking for details you might not normally notice.

Tuesday 14 June


Hot buffet dinner and free bar

Members of the eXtreme Tuesday Club will be joining us for the evening activities.


Seminar: "Towards Agile Government"
The Government has, encouragingly, committed to "identify a pilot project within each department to prove and embed the agile approach." But how will this work in practice? What are the biggest obstacles and how can they be overcome?

This seminar, run in conjunction with the Institute for Government, brings together leading government officials and the agile community to share experience and look for successful ways forward.


- 22:00

Beer tasting