SPA Conference session: HTML5/Javascript Boot Camp

One-line description:HTML5 provides shiny new javascript APIs that let you create powerful, cross-device applications. We'll get you started.
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:With the new javascript APIs, HTML5 makes the leap to fully-fledged application platform. Background processing, data storage, geolocation, persistent connections, graphical tools, and lots of other fun tools mean you can now write real applications without needing Flash, Java, or iPhone/Android-specific tools.

This is a fast-paced guided hacksession. We'll show you the new toys, then get straight to creating a fun app.

We will also discuss best practices on structuring app code in the new world.
Audience background:This session will use javascript, so ideally you should be comfortable with the basics of writing a function and basic javascript syntax.
Benefits of participating:After this session you will have
* A fresh look at the possibilities now becoming available for web developers
* Real hands-on experience and confidence building with HTML5
* Inspiration for your next million pound idea!+

+ not guaranteed
Materials provided:Basic application templates demonstrating the best practice for HTML5 applications.
Process:The session will start with a short presentation to show what HTML5 is and isn't, but will mostly consist of programming exercises, each centered round using a new part of the HTML5 suite.

There will be regular intervals to show off progress, and switch teams
Detailed timetable:0-10 Welcome and introductions, get laptops ready
10-20 Tech demo - we'll show off the cool things we can build!
20-25 Form teams
25-50 Data storage
50-75 Background processing and geolocation
75-85 Tea break, change teams
85-110 Web sockets
110-135 Best practices for code structure.
135-150 Wrap up and questions
Outputs:Posters on best practice for HTML5 coding.
Cool web apps in various states of completion.
1. Laurie Young
New Bamboo
2. Ismael Celis 3.