SPA Conference session: What's your Hammer?

One-line description:Everyone has a tool or technique they wish everyone else used. Share yours
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Asserted: everyone that works as a programer has a certain tool, or trick, or technique, or pratice, or approach that they whish everyone else used. Deep down, they believe that it _might just be_ a silver bullet after all.

It's the thing that makes grizzled old-timers say "well, you know, back in the day we had a way of doing that ten times faster in half the time". It's the thing that makes grizzled-old-timer-wannabies say "one day, one day...they'll all see that this is the way to do it"

In this session we will share the hammers we al have in the bottom of our toolbag that makes us think that everything is a nail. There's a small chance that someone wil lturn out to be right--and wouldn't that be great!
Audience background:Those who write software
Benefits of participating:Learn about tools and technqiues you might never come accross otherwise.
Materials provided:None.
Process:10 minute Lightening Talks, with to without slides, demos etc. Those intending to speak should sign up at
Detailed timetable:00:00 intro
00:05 first talk
00:15 second talk (allowing for handover)
00:70 thanks to all
00:75 close
Outputs:A sense of joy amongst all participants.
History:new session (apart from all the other ones almost exactly like this over the years)
1. Keith Braithwaite
Zuhlke Ltd
2. 3.