SPA Conference session: Software Kaizen Workshop: a step by step guide to a better user experience

One-line description:Improve the usability of your applications by using kaizen's rigorous problem solving process
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:The recent evolution of consumer products has brought a new light to usability and user experience - everyone now wants to create simple, user-friendly applications for their own users. However, those who have tried achieving that in real-world situations can attest of the difficulty of the task. Even in an agile setting where one can iterate and get feedback from users, how can one select wisely among the many competing feature requests? And how can one organize the user interface so that it remains uncluttered and easy to use iteration after iteration?

In this workshop, Régis Medina and Pierre Jannez will show you how kaizen and the rigorous problem solving approach used by lean practitioners can be used to drive the continuous improvement of a software product. Value, waste, performance management, PDCA, "genchi genbutsu", lead time reduction... you'll discover how to use all these principles to build applications that delight your users!

In this hands-on session, you will:
- define the Voice of the User for a software product
- design usage-related performance indicators
- create a "value stream map" for the main use case of an application
- identify the 6 kinds of waste in the use of an application
- learn how to structure the improvement with PDCA cycles
Audience background:This workshop will benefit to people involved in driving the development of software products: Product Owners, Product Managers, agile coaches, and customers of software development teams.
Benefits of participating:You will learn the basics of kaizen in the context of product management: clarifying the expectations of the customer, measuring performance, and solving problems the right way with PDCA cycles. You will also learn how to recognize the 6 kinds of waste in man-machine interactions, to help you find opportunities of improvement in your own applications.
Materials provided:
Process:The session is built as a series of exercices done in groups.
Detailed timetable:The exact timetable still needs to be defined. Here's a first version:

00:00 - Introduction + Voice of the User
00:30 - Designing performance indicators to drive the improvement
01:00 - Introduction to the 6 kinds of waste in man-machine interactions
01:20 - Mapping the usage of an application
02:10 - Using PDCA cycles to drive and monitor the improvement of the application
History:This workshop is related to a presentation I have run at three conferences: Agile France 2010, Lean & SI, both in Paris, and XP Days Benelux. I got very good feedback every time, and it looks like the topic got the attention of at least two bloggers that wrote summaries of my talk (in French):
1. Regis Medina
Operae Partners
2. Pierre Jannez
Operae Partners