SPA Conference session: Whatever happened to....?

One-line description:Retrospective on topics that we no longer discuss (much)
Session format: Tutorial (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:We work in an industry bedazzled by fashion. Fashions come and go; some stick around. In this session John will revisit eight topics that were once "hot" and ask why they seem to have become "cold". Or have they?

The objective is to consider whether those faded fashions still have something of value to tell us, either about what we should do or what we shouldn't. It's hard to imagine that there was nothing valuable in any of them. What's more, if we don't know about our mistakes we are destined to repeat them.

The fashions under the spotlight are TBD but here's a list of examples:

- Ada
- Design by Contract
- Aspect-Oriented Programming
- Artificial intelligence
- Model-driven development
- Smalltalk
- Functional decomposition
- Grady Booch
- Reuse
- Object Request Brokers
- Patterns
- Object databases
Audience background:No special background required
Benefits of participating:Learn a bit about some things you've only vaugely heard about.
Reconsider ideas you've previously discarded.
Become a better person.
Be entertained.
Materials provided:Nothing that could be used in court.
Process:Presentation, with a short discussion after each topic.
Detailed timetable:For each topic, 4-5 mins presentation, 4-5 mins discussion.
1. John Daniels
Syntropy Limited
2. 3.