SPA Conference session: Back to the future - (re)learn Smalltalk

One-line description:More fun with smalltalk and gemstones at the seaside
Session format: Tutorial (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:A lot of the things in software engineering we take for granted these days are rooted in Smalltalk.
But most people do not program in Smalltalk. Do you wonder if there
are more pieces of brilliance in Smalltalk waiting to be picked up by
the general computing community? Come and experience yourself.

We'll work with you through an exercise showing Seaside, Gemstone
and other little known treasures, fully exploiting the 'objects-all-the-way'
attitude visible in the Pharo open source Smalltalk environment.

Bring your laptop to pair through the exercises. Take home a web application, deployed on your laptop.
Audience background:Experienced developers
No Smalltalk experience required
Some web knowledge
Benefits of participating:Experience a better development environment
See the power of objects in the database
Learn what good abstractions over html and http can bring to web development (no templates but a DSL, continuations and components)
Materials provided:Slides
Exercises on paper
Some vm's for linux, mac and windows, a development image and a deployment server
Process:presentation, exercises, some group working in the wrap-up
Detailed timetable:00:00 introduction, agenda & benefits
00:10 presentation: introducing smalltalk, the IDE, TDD the smalltalk way
00:20 a small test-driven example (short randori)
00:35 present the case, step-by-step instructions
00:45 working in pairs (pomodoro +5)
01:15 break
01:25 presentation: introducing seaside
01:35 create a user interface for the case (pomodoro +5)
02:05 deploy to gemstone and present results
02:20 wrap-up, what can you use from this at work.
Outputs:Article/blog at website
Web application running on each participants laptop.
History:A shorter form was presented at Devnology open space last year. It was well received, but needed much more time.
1. Stephan Eggermont
2. Diego Lont
3. Willem van den Ende
Living Software B.V.