SPA Conference session: Sketching - a creative problem solving tool

One-line description:Step away from the keyboard pick up a pencil and shift your brain from linear (L-mode) to Rich, non-linear (R-mode)
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:We will take sketching back to basics and build techniques step by step into more complex sketching.

The focus will be on communicating software design, interactions and solutions not flowers or life drawing (unless anyone wants to model).

If you don't already sketch, you'll leave being equipped to add sketching to your expanding Agile toolbox of quick and simple tools for getting things done.
Audience background:No previous specific skills/knowledge needed.

If you can hold a pencil you can sketch.

You may think you cannot draw or sketch but I will help you build your skills and confidence.

This workshop should be relevant to anyone who wants/needs to communicate ideas quickly and effectively
Benefits of participating:- Build confidence in quickly communicating problems

- Improved sketching skills and visual thinking

Materials provided:- Pencils

- sketchbooks/paper

- take away reference materials
Process:Group sketching sessions that build in complexity.

We will also do some 'trick' exercises that make your brain flick into non-linear R-mode.
Detailed timetable:000 - intro
015 - first sketch
030 - building your sketching vocabulary: the basic lines
060 - building your sketching vocabulary: basic shapes/shading
075 - brain tricks to access your non-linear R-mode brain
090 - break
120 - visual thinking/problem solving exercises
150 - roundup/takeaways discussion
Outputs:Lots of sketches to post on a conference wall somewhere... or just take home to show mum.
History:This is a new session but I did present 'Persona Driven Development' last year
1. Duncan Brown
2. Rafael Luder 3.