SPA Conference session: Functional Koans in F# and Javascript

One-line description:a fun way to learn functional programming techniques, F# or Javascript
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:What's all the fuss around functional programming? Are there any concepts I can use in my day job?

This session introduces functional programming in a hands on programming exercise based on a set of "koans" (snippets of wisdom expressed as a test)

In the first part of the session you will pick and learn a "functional" language - either F# or Javascript.

The the second part you will pair up and solve a real world problem. using your new skills.

Finally, you are encourage to contribute new koans back to the source projects.
Audience background:You should be an active programmer, with an interest in learning a new programming language & style of programming.
Benefits of participating:Learn a new language & way of problem solving to add to your box of tricks when tackling real world problems
Materials provided:The koan source code. Participants will need (depending on the language they choose to learn):

* Javascript A browser & a text editor
* F# Visual Studio 2010
Process:Hands on programming exercises; followed by some group working.
Detailed timetable:- 00:00 - 00:15 - Get koans source installed and compiling
- 00:15 - 01:00 - Work through koan exercises individually
- 01:00 - 01:15 - Break; pair up with someone who did different language
- 01:15 - 02:00 - Solve sample functional problems in 2 different langages in pairs
- 02:00 - 02:30 - Contribute new koans back to source koan projects
Outputs:- Working knowledge of 2 functional programming languages / styles.
- An open source contribution.
History:This session was run at the 2010 Software Craftsmanship conference
1. David Laing
CityIndex Ltd
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