SPA Conference session: Pinocchio: On Becoming a Lean Leader

One-line description:Try out Lean Leadership tools to keep you and your project out of trouble
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:You’re a mischievous wooden little boy who dreams of becoming a real manager. Now that your dream has come true, you find yourself stuck inside a whale’s stomach, stewing in a jacuzzi of digestive juices. The satanic little voice in your head says everything will be ok, but your protruding nose knows otherwise.

In this session, you'll embark on an journey where you'll encounter two types of characters: the Baddies, such as Gideon and Foulfellow, who will try to lead you astray with temptations, and the Goodies, such as Gepetto, the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket, who will help you find your way back to your goal.

We'll bring along scenarios based on real-life project situations and share with you some Lean Leadership tools to help you get things back on track and stay on track. You'll get the chance to put the tools into practice and come up with 3 actions to take away to try out back at work.

The Lean Leadership Tools are:
* Visual Controls - Use simple visual indicators to support Flow and Pull
* Leader Standard Work - Adhere to work processes as a discipline
* Daily Accountability - Use Visual Controls to improve process focus and drive Continuous Improvement
* Leadership Discipline - Set clear expectations and maintain process focus on a daily basis.

Including those of a Learning Organisation:
* Nemawashi (Decisions based on Consensus) - Make decisions slowly by consensus then implement decisions quickly
* Hansei (Relentless Reflection) and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) - Do regular analysis to establish a stable process and make incremental improvements.

All of which are guided by:
* Long-term Philosophy - Grow and align the whole organisation toward a common purpose that is greater than a purely financial reward.

Join us to acquire these Lean Leadership tools and give your story a Happy Ending with the help of talking animals.

'Pinocchio: On Becoming a Lean Leader' is the first in the Lean Fairytales series of learning games. If you liked Agile Fairytales, you'll love Lean Fairytales!
Audience background: * You have an open mind and believe better is possible
* Willing to travel to a far, far away place and make new friends along the way
Benefits of participating: * Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges a leader faces
* Define what being a leader means in theory and in practice
* Practice techniques for becoming a better leader
* Learn how to help your manager manage you better
* Take away a series of actionable advice to try at work
* Develop an awareness for the difficulty and importance of combining continuous improvement with respect for people
Materials provided: * Pinocchio's story from a Lean perspective
* Pinocchio game cards (includes scenario cards)
* Challenging scenarios
* Handout of summary of techniques and tips
Process: * Participants work in triads
* Presenters introduce the context and Lean Leadership tools
* In each round, presenters introduce a number of challenging scenarios and Lean Leadership tools
* In each round, each triad gets to pick a scenario and the tools for resolving that scenario and try out the tools
Detailed timetable:00.00 - 00.15: (1) Introduction, (2) Speed re-tellling of Pinocchio as a Lean Fairytale (suitable for adults only), (3) Creation of triads
00.15 - 00.30 - Round 1: Rules, Scenarios, Tools, Play and Debrief
00.30 - 00.45 - Round 2: More Tools, Play and Debrief
00.45 - 00.60 - Round 3: Some More Tools, Play and Debrief
00.60 - 00.75 - (1) Reflect and share the lessons learnt, (2) Participants individually identify 3 actions points to take back to work
Outputs:Session summary: tools and how/where to apply them as a poster at the conference + writeup on the conference wiki + session experience report on our blogs

Participants take away three individual actions points to take back to work
History: * The use of fairytales and storytelling through learning games, such as Agile Fairytales (, has proven to be popular and effective in the personal and professional development of adults.
* Lean Fairytales is a series of learning games to help adults learn how to apply Lean techniques and practices.
* This a brand new session and will have been run at least once as a BrainTrain session prior to the conference. A BrainTrain session is an event where friends and colleagues get together to share, learn and improve.
* Learn more about the Lean Leadership tools from our session about The Toyota Way Management Principles available here:
1. Portia Tung
2. Pascal Van Cauwenberghe