What have Objects, Evolutionary Delivery, Design-By-Contract, Design Patterns, Software Architecture, eXtreme Programming, Agile Development, Functional Programming, in common?

All are revolutionary ideas in software development: all were introduced, spearheaded or popularised in the UK by the SPA conference!

The conference for participants

SPA2010 brings together experts and practitioners across a variety of industries, from around the world, to share the latest thinking in software development. At the forefront of innovation in software since it's inception, SPA2010 highlights the advances in technology and practice that make a real difference to your skills, to the effectiveness of your teams, and to the quality of the software you produce.

Whether you're interested in the latest technology, pioneering development practices or innovative team coaching or project management techniques, prepare to be stimulated, enthralled and inspired by SPA2010!

What is SPA?

SPA2010 is the essential conference for professionals seeking the latest practices in software development. You will explore a broad range of topics at the leading edge of software technology, development tools and practices, and hear the latest ideas on transforming teams and increasing organisational effectiveness.

SPA2010 is about learning through interaction. The sessions are hands-on, educational and fun — you will be doing, not just listening: trying out new techniques, sharing experiences, reflecting on what you've learned and planning how to apply the learning in your work. You will engage, evaluate and draw insights which you will take away and use each and every day. You'll participate in sessions which address real issues, not just the latest fads, led by pioneers in technology and practice who will share their authentic experience with you.

As for SPA2009, the conference in 2010 is a non-residential event at the BCS building in the heart of London's West End, with a full programme of evening sessions and diversions in the nearby Strand Palace Hotel. This lets us offer the best possible value for money, while maintaining SPA's unique atmosphere.


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SPA2010 is the annual conference of the BCS Software Practice Advancement Specialist Group, and is one of the world's foremost software events. SPA2010 continues the 18-year tradition of the world-famous high quality SPA conferences.