SPA Conference session: We like GWT, we think you will too.

One-line description:Building a rich web application in GWT
Session format: Workshop (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:We have always found Java web development to be a pain. There's always some dodgy javascript, or some auto-magical wiring you have to figure out - otherwise misleading exception traces appear in the lovely web browser. In short, it's fiddly and dirty. The clever people at Google have taken away the majority of this nastiness with GWT. It's very neat, and you only write code in Java to build the application.

In this workshop, we will lead you into building web applications using GWT by walking through a simple example, and then allowing you and a partner to build a working AJAX web application. You will learn what we have found fits well in the GWT world, and discover that applications are extremely simple to put together. Finally we'll round up with a quick chat and attempt to answer any outstanding questions from the session.

So if web apps are your thing, and you feel the pain too, this is for you.
Audience background:Anyone who programs Java who is thinking about building a rich web application. Laptops will be required too.
Benefits of participating:See how different GWT is to the normal webstacks like Tapestry, Struts etc.
Materials provided:CD or memory stick with everything required to participate in the workshop.
Process:We'll introduce ourselves and begin with a short demonstation of building a GWT application, then we hand over to the audience, pairing them up, and allowing them to progress the application further.

During the workshop we will provide guidance and help as required. By the end of the workshop the participants will have built a working web application, have had some fun, and learned that GWT helps to make building rich web applications simple.
Detailed timetable:00:00 - 00:10 Introduction, who we are and what we do.
00:10 - 00:40 A quick show and tell on GWT. We demonstrate how to build and run a simple GWT application.
00:40 - 00:50 Set up everyone's machines given a CD/memory stick with everything on it.
00:50 - 02:50 Run the workshop and build the fantastic AJAX-y web application.
02:50 - 03:00 Conclusions + further reading and write up.
Outputs:Insight into using GWT. The sample project for reference.
History:None as of yet.
1. Stuart Ervine
2. Franck Rasolo
UBS Investment Bank