SPA Conference session: Technical Publishing 2.0

One-line description:
Session format: Workshop (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:This session aims to explore some of the ways in which the internet of today changes the nature and practice of the publication of technical books and supporting material.

The availability of web 2.0 tools such as wikis and blogs and the need for support sites for technical books creates possibilities and demands for new ways of producing and publishing material.

Somewhat self-referentially, this session has its own wikibook

This book will act as an example of the new publication medium and as a means of gathering input before, during and after the conference session. Initially the book will attempt to capture advice on technical writing and publishing from the SPA community. During the session, it will be used to capture the results of discussion and work-groups and later may be developed into a useful resource.

The session will be co-presented by Chris Wallace, lecturer, wikibookian and wannabe author and Sally Tickner of Wiley.

Audience background:A mixture of those with experience in traditional and web-based publishing and those looking for guidance in developing technical books.
Benefits of participating:Help and encouragement for budding authors.
Materials provided:See the wikibook. Prospective attendees are encouraged to register as wikibookians
Process:A presentation and brainstorming of some of the new aspects of publishing and the impact of web 2.0 on publishing, followed by small group discussion and writing around identified issues.
Detailed timetable:00 - 05 Introduction to the session and the session's wikibook

05 30 Thought-provoking Presentations
This part of the session aims to present some new approaches to publishing and book writing. Sally Tickner will present a publisher's perspective of the new technologies and challenges and Chris Wallace will present an author's view of wikibooks and Creative Commons.

30 45 Group Brainstorming
Attendees will collectively brainstorm the choices to be made in creating technical books in the web age. The results will be added on-line to the wikibook and the topics prioritised for work in small groups

45 65 Small group working
Attendees will break into small groups to explore and develop a section of the wikibook.

65 75
Session review and action preview
Outputs:Added content in the session wikibook and newly-enthused authors
History:Brand new
1. Chris Wallace
University of the West of England, Brist
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