SPA Conference session: Test Driven Development with JMock2

One-line description:Learn how to write simpler, more informative unit tests using the new JMock2 library
Session format: Tutorial (150 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:JMock has become the de facto standard for developers who want to use mock objects on Java projects.

In this session developers will learn how to design and implement simple and informative unit test using the latest version of the JMock open source library.

This is a practical session in which you will design and implement unit tests for a realistic case study.
Audience background:Java developers who want to learn how to use JMock2 with JUnit or to improve their unit testing skills.
Benefits of participating:Learn how to design and implement interface-based unit tests using JMock2.
Exchange ideas and techniques with experienced developers.

Materials provided:CDs with required software including initial case study code.
Reference materials.

NB participants will need to bring a lap-top with a working Java development environment.
Process:Initial presentation, followed by mentored practical exercises.
Detailed timetable:
Outputs:Web page of lessons learned
History:This session has ben extracted and adapted from a course that has been sucessfully presented to developers, testers and managers.
1. Romilly Cocking
Cocking and Co. Ltd.
2. Andy Pols
Pols Consulting Limited
3. Nat Pryce
B13 Services