SPA Conference session: Architecting the Next Generation of .NET Applications

One-line description:How to combine the newest components of .NET and Windows Vista for next generation applications
Session format: Tutorial (75 mins) [read about the different session types]
Abstract:At the end of 2005 Microsoft released NET Framework 2.0. At the end of 2006 Microsoft released .NET Framework 3.0 and early betas of .NET Framework 3.5. With each release Microsoft has significantly enhanced the capabilities of the .NET Framework with the potential for significant impact on architecting applications. Alongside these releases we now have a new operating system - Windows Vista - and the most developer friendly version of Office yet - Office 2007. A lot for the developer and architect to absorb!

The session aims to make your life a little bit easier by looking at some of the lessons learned from early adoption work in the UK and elsewhere. Technologies from the .NET Framework 3.0 such as WPF, WF, WCF and Cardspace are individually very powerful - but the real magic starts once you begin to see how they can be combined and why! Hopefully this session will do just that.

The session will look at what works well and what does not, drawing from early adoption and guidance direct from the product groups.

Additional info on the technologies being covered:
* Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Workflow Foundation (WF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Cardspace
* Finally, if you would like to “know me” a little better, check out
Audience background:This session assumes you have some experience of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio and can follow code examples given in C#. The session is appropriate for Application Architects and Developers who are working on projects using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. If you are a developers with no experience of .NET but a good understanding of Java or similar then I suspect you will still find the session useful.
Benefits of participating:You should leave with:
* A better understanding of the latest technologies in the .NET Framework and how they might be of use in your own projects
* A clearer view of how the technologies can be combined in an application
* A summary of what was “hot” and what was “not” with our early adopters of the .NET Framework 3.0
* Have visibility of what is coming up next in our future releases of the .NET Framework
* Many pointers to additional resources to dig further – code downloads, samples, screencasts, labs
Ultimately – the intention is to save you some time when you are back at your desks.
Materials provided:All code and samples shown will be available to you on the day direct from me and to download after the session - details will be given at the session and at
Process:The session will be a mix of:
* Slides – mainly containing pictures and diagrams to help with understanding. There should not be lots of bullet points and you should be able to stay awake!
* Demos of a sample application using many of the technologies from .NET Framework 3.0
* Code walkthroughs of some of the technologies used in the sample
Detailed timetable:
Outputs:Hopefully you will leave a better person...
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