SPA2005 session: Call in the CoPs

One-line description:Exploring the role of community in spreading disruptive innovation
Session format: Workshop [read about the different session types]
Abstract:Why are Extreme Programming or agile processes taking off rapidly in some places and stalling elsewhere ? In this workshop, we draw on the experience of presenters and participants to explore social aspects of spreading new ideas. We extract patterns for doing so effectively, and anti-patterns to avoid.
Audience background:We wish to attract participants with experience of involvement in "communities of practice", SPINs, professional networks and SIGs whether software-related or not, etc. As well, we welcome participants who are interested in one or more wild ideas of one kind or another.
Benefits of participating:As a lower bound on workshop outcomes, we expect that participants will
* extract useful insights from their own experience in communities
* glean new ideas from other's experiences in communities
* form larger networks with participants in different communities
* have fun
Materials provided:Handouts on change models, technology adoption models, etc.
Process:Participants (up to 20) will be invited to submit case studies retracing their involvement in communities formed around novel or disruptive ideas; this need not be limited to the field of software engineering. Submissions should include description of candidate patterns or anti-patterns, related to such topics as community cohesiveness, knowledge exchange, impact on the industry or society, etc.

At the workshop proper, an introductory tutorial on the theoretical material will be followed by an exchange on the submitted case studies in "goldfish bowl" format; this will lead to the selection of a number of candidate patterns. Participants will then break into groups to elaborate on the candidate patterns.

00:00-00:10 Entry; outcome expectations, informal Q&A
00:10-00:25 Models of change and their relevance, and the CoP model
00:25-00:55 “Model mapping” exercise – causes & effects of communities
01:05-01:15 Break
01:15-01:45 “Stories” fishbowl – the Agile community (and others)
01:45-02:20 Smaller groups mine stories for patterns
02:20-02:30 Concluding remarks
Outputs:A dedicated wiki will be set up, or an existing relevant wiki homesteaded, to record workshop activity before and after the workshop, and document the resulting patterns.
History:Accepted for XP2004 (withdrawn in favor of “Be empowered”, a workshop on self-organizing teams).

Accepted for Agile Business Conference, London, 2004.
1. Laurent Bossavit
2. Pascal Van Cauwenberghe