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I coach teams in agile software development and have written a book on "Agile Coaching" [1] with Liz Sedley. I've also helped organise XP/agile conference events, such as XPDay, and was a past conference chair for SPA in 2006/2007.

My past SPA/OT sessions:

  • SPA2014 "What Do Developers Really Need?" and "Implications of Conway's Law" with DadiIngolfsson
  • SPA2013 "Is eXtreme Programming alive and kicking?" with Ivan Moore and Tim Mackinnon.
  • SPA2011 "Improving Trust on Teams"
  • SPA2010 "Retrospectives Refactored"
  • SPA2009 "The Role of an Agile Coach" simulation.
  • SPA2007 "Understanding Cognitive Bias in Decision Making" with DuncanPierce
  • SPA2007 "Designing Collaborative Workspaces" with MikeHill.
  • SPA2005 workshop "Project Mapping"
  • OT2004 tutorial "Getting Your Story Straight"
  • OT2003 workshop on "Retrospectives".
  • OT2002 assisted KeithBraithwaite with "First-Order Project Management" workshop.


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