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I’m a latecomer to agile and software development and I’m not a technician. My formal university training, in France, was in cultural anthropology and what might be loosely translated as industrial psychology. I taught university, did management training, and fell into organizational consulting. It’s impossible to do consulting and not witness the chasm and disaffection between line management and IT. At the same time, an abiding personal interest in vernacular (folk) architecture eventually led me to work with Christopher Alexander for six years.

Through co-authoring a few pieces with a university IT colleague, Dave West, very diverse topics have started to come together. Patterns of course and also how Alexander’s newer work might be of interest in bridging the IT/ line management gap. My latest and still on-going endeavor is figuring out how patterns of physical work spaces can foster or hinder learning and innovation. Organizations working with Agile methodologies such as Scrum would naturally head the list of interested parties.


Work: NMHU

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